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Funky Lizard Studios is a multitrack digital recording studio in Newcastle NSW Australia, owned and operated by multi-instrumentalist and Producer Robbie Long.


The studio is 'petite boutique' - large enough to manage full live band recordings, small enough not to intimidate or break the budget, and boasts an array of A Class recording equipment including classic industry standard Mics & Preamps from Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Avalon, API, Universal Audio, Telefunken, Joe Meek, Electrovoice, Shure etc.


The studio produces artists across a wide range of projects and musical styles - from Folk to Funk, Rockabilly to Jazz, Country to Classical. The studio's speciality however, is producing singer-songwriters - providing help with multiple instruments (including guitars, drums, bass, lapsteel, dobro, mandolin, keyboards, percussion) arrangements & full production from start to finish.

Control room

State of the Art Equipment

Drum Room

Cubase 7.5
ProTools 10
Lynx Aurora 16 Coverters
Neumann U87 * 2
Neumann KM184 * 2
Electrovoice RE20 * 2
Akg 421
Akg 451 B
Akg C3000 * 2
Aea R84 Ribbon
Sennheiser e902 Kik Mic
Shure Beta 52 Kik Mic
Shure SM57 * 2
Shure Sm7b
2 * Api 3124
Avalon 737
Telefunken v72
2 * Api 512c
Great RiverMP-500NV
Universal Audio Solo 610
Joe Meek Twin Q
Empirical Labs Distressor
Mohog 1176 Limiting Amp
Chandler Litte Devil Eq
TLA Audio 5001 Quad Tube Pre
API 550B Eq
API 560 EQ
Studio Layout
There are three spaces - Drum/tracking room (approx 3.5 * 5 metres * 3metres high at centre), control room (approx 3.2 * 7 metres * 2.8 high at centre), and a smaller vocal booth (approx 3 * 2.2 metres) 



Fender '74 Stratocaster
Fender Telecaster
Fender Jazzmaster
Epiphone Les Paul Junior
Gretch Electromatic
Maton Hand Carved Archtop 1957
Jim Williams Handmade Acoustic cutaway
Guild Bluegrass Acoustic
Fender '75 Jazzbass
Yamaha 5 String active bass
Yamaha Fretless bass
Custom made Dobro
Jim Williams Mandolin
DeGruchi handmade dreadnaught 
Fender Hotrod Deluxe Amp
Fender Blues Junior 
Pearl Master Series Drum kit
Gretsch hand-hammered brass Snare
Vintage Ludwig Acrolite Snare
Joey Jordison signatute snare
Ludwig Centenniel Maple snare
Yamaha Brass  Snare
Various percussion bits n pieces
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