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To keep things simple, there is one rate for everything; $75/hour - whether it be recording, mixing, mastering, or hiring Robbie Long as a session musician.


See below for more information on each.


STUDIO TIME: $75 per hour (Engineer incl.)
MIXING: $75 per hour
MASTERING: $75 per hour
SESSION MUSICIAN: $75 per hour

'Studio time' encompasses  recording, mixing, and general production.

Songs that have been recorded in full or partially elsewhere can be completed and mixed at Funky Lizard Studios.  To do this it is necessary to provide Funky Lizard with all of the original sound files, all with the same start time. 

Mastering is the final stage in audio production to prepare the CD for duplication, uploading to itunes and the web, and for radio and television. Audio is given the final tonal balance, and tracks are unified into a finished product, boosting and matching levels across the entire CD.

Robbie Long is an extremely accomplished and seasoned musician, covering a multitude of styles and instruments including electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, dobro, lapsteel, bass and drums.


High quality individual tracks can be provided ready to fly back into your project.

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