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Bob Corbett and the Roograss Band
Mic Conway and Robbie Long
Gleny Rae Virus
and her Tamworth Playboys

Below is list of selected clients, spanning a broad range of styles - including country, rock, pop, folk, alternate, rockabilly, roots, blues etc.



"Robbie Long has recorded my music since 2005 when I first started working at his studio. Since then, he has consistently improved his equipment and recording techniques, not to mention his diabolically good playing on pretty much any instrument; drums, guitar, dobro, mandolin, lap steel, banjo..."



"I could go on about the awesome recording gear at Funky Lizard but the simple fact remains that these things are nothing without the intuitive and most humbly talented Robbie Long at the helm. He is the secret herbs and spices in your next songburger."

I think Robbie's studio is
Fair dinkum no bullshit
Mic Conway

Mitch Shadlow


Mark Wells
The Flattrakkers

"I loved the experience of recording with Robbie. I was producing my own album at his studio and I held the reins of the project, but I found that Robbie contributed so much more to my album than I could have asked. His understanding of music and recording is why I would definitely go back and work with him again".

"From start to finish, Robbie was a marvel to work with. He's got great ears and knows how to get the best out of all his killer mics and preamps. We just had a lot of fun making the album with Robbie too, he'll get you sounding great and have you laughing all the way.."


“Funky Lizard Studios Rock! Why? Because Rob is such a legend at his craft regardless of the Genre, has the best equipment and has created an excellent atmosphere where you always feel at home and very welcome whenever you go there. We have already recorded 4 albums there and can’t wait to get back in the studio very soon for number 5. Do yourself a favour and record with Rob Long at Funky Lizard Studios!!” Mark Hawkins The Flattrakkers

Jess Holland



Rob Long helped take my album to a whole other level, and then some. He instantly makes his working space your musical home, and his relaxed approach makes it easy to explore each tracks full potential. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with such a professional and talented musician, experienced producer and creative mind.

Dave Carter

"Funky Lizard is one of the most comfortable studios I've worked in. Nothing was ever a problem, and Robbie Long's talent seems to rub off onto everything, and really made my project shine. "


Nadine Quinn

Robbie Long is a real deal producer, a top engineer and a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist. He knows his stuff people! The extra bonus is that he is the easiest person to work with and has the patience of a saint :) I have nothing but the highest regard and the deepest respect for Robbie Long and his Funky Lizard Studios. Don't waste your money recording elsewhere ....unless he is booked out....then record wherever he recommends instead ;)



Liz Frencham

Adrian Parker
Amanda Easton
Paul Berganin

Putty Road

Ryan Burret

Kate Maree

Kate Fagan

Kate Pope

Bel Woods

Mich Fetch

Sarah Whitteron


The Gaudrys

Mark Tinson

Ben Bradley




Joanna Davis

Jimmy Westwood

Shane Hobbins

Robbin Binks

The Thompsons

Nadine Quinn

Bob Campbell

Home Rule
Jane Harding

Mike Cosgriff

Amanda Thomas

Gilly Darbey

Zoe K

The Swiss Army Wives

Le Minibus

Nate Armsbury

Gleny Rae Virus and her Playboys





The Lawnmowers

The Torpedoes

The General Managers

Angelique Pratten

Denise Duffield-Thomas

John McColl

The Hubert Hubertson Showband

Newcastle People's Choir

John Dengate

The Goethe Institute

The Dungeon Bigband



Clients include :


Mic Conway

The Nerds & Music

The Flattrakkers

The Lairs

Bob Corbett Band

Chad Shuttleworth

Greg Tape

Jess Holland

Mark Wells

Jasmine Rae

Mitchell Shadlow

Mark Lidbury

Brooke Lidbury

Dave Carter

The Ramalamas

Justin Ngariki

and the Dastardly Bastards






Greg Bryce

Joanna Leigh

Ange Takats

Maureen O'Brien

Luke Pittman

Coral Lea Farrow

Grandmaster Monk

Anousha Victoire


Ward C

The Do Riders

Mark Jackson

Bronnie Ware

Zoe K

The Junes

The Dennis Boys

The Magpie Diaries




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